Not a Journalist

So I am not a journalist writing about the housing market in the U.S. Nor am I trying to sell myself or houses. I am a real estate professional that has opinions and a straight forward demeanor. I believe that the housing market drives the economy and it is extremely important to the free world and individuals. I will never apologize for ambition! I like financial independence and won’t ever classify that as “greed”.

So let’s be “Real” about all things Real Estate. I will explore the good, bad and ugly. I look forward to blogging every other week and hope for interaction.

Housing is all over the news and T.V. every night of the week there are shows on HGTV, Bravo , TLC……. that explore so many aspects of buying, selling, real estate agents and some very dumb topics. Really, the “Nude Realtor in Florida”. So the real estate agent has a niche, she sells homes in “Nude Communities”. Yes, I said communities, it is NOT politically correct to call them colonies. So, in these nude colonies, everyone is naked. The community that was shown on the show, is gated and residents do not where clothes anywhere. Imagine going to the clubhouse and sitting on the sofa, yuk! Oh, and never look down while speaking with someone nude. Really?  I have been to a couple of nude beaches and that is impossible. I am sure that there is proper etiquitte at these nudist colonies, but I ‘ll never know nor care.

Good luck Jackie. I guess this will make for interesting T.V.  Another way to  poke fun at the real estate profession. Another example of how the profession is belittled by the hands of the very people that are part of it. So I choose to view this as interesting T.V. I can change the channel or look down. Better yet. let me get my glamor shot from 20 years ago and slap it on my business card.



 Don’t be afraid, come on in and explore, political correctness not practiced.

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Peace Out


Hello world!

Welcome to my world, the forum that will put REAL into real estate. A site that will explore the fun, the bad and the ugly of residential real estate. My views and comments will be explored in an unconventional way .

Finally, after a very long, successful residential real estate career I have found the freedom to create something that will not help nor hurt me. Hence the anonymity, to ensure that folks are not affected, like my family and friends, whom don’t even know that I am doing this.  I will never expose anyone unless they want to be, including any reader, blogger or commentator to my blog. Here is a list of fair game:  People on T.V.,  anyone that posts and advertise on the web (like so many real estate agents), political figures………….

Currently the money is made from my real estate profession and holdings. I have acted in many capacities: sales person, coach, marketer, consultant , mortgage finance and investor. All of the list above was and is connected to my residential real estate success. I am happily married and have children.

My views and comments will rarely be politically correct, but always honest and straight forward. As honest as I might be, please understand that I am lending my view point and I welcome all opinions.

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